Fractional Marketing Officer – FMO  What is an FMO?  An FMO is an off-payroll marketing executive responsible for a customized task list. They are also called Fractional CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers). Who Needs One? Any business without a CMO, or any company that doesn’t have it totally figured out. Why have one? Because CMO’s come with a hefty price tag, and… Read More

ADA Website Compliance The need to make your website ADA compliant is very real. The consequences of non-compliance are growing rapidly. If you want to become educated, reduce the risk of law suit*, or become compliant you need to take time to understand the details. The good news… Nimble can help no matter your perspective or… Read More

What if… A random person asked Nimble, “Without telling you anything about who I am or my business details, I’d like a broad recommendation on how I should spend $10,000 to market my business”.… Read More

The Outdoor Retailer show in Denver CO is the world’s largest gathering of outdoor brands. Republic of Durable Goods, a Minnesota-based outdoor products company chose this venue to reveal its new hammock design. It has been fun to watch the launch of their first product on Kickstarter – the Mock ONE: Compact Folding Hammock.  Nimble was proud to provide the trade… Read More

2018 Nimble For Good Initiative With Earth Day coming up this Sunday, we felt it appropriate to share our new Nimble For Good beneficiary, Pollinator Friendly Alliance (PFA). Pollinators are very important to the health of our planet and it’s no secret they need our help. PFA is a local organization that protects pollinators (such as butterflies, bees and… Read More

Nimble for Good is the philanthropic arm of Nimble Impressions, which is driven by the notion that “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected.” It is also a way for our clients to contribute to some amazing non-profits through working with Nimble. A special initiative was created with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) in mind for 2017,… Read More

Our Gold American Advertising Award (translation: top-of-the-podium!) is nothing to downplay. In fact, it speaks volumes about the type of creative work you’ll get when you work with our team. Read on to learn about how our award-winning writing and design can turn heads for your business. With the marketing-minded team from Agency 128 now… Read More

Every so often we like to highlight one of our wonderful clients and pick their brain a little about their products and services, the challenges and successes they’ve had in marketing their company, as well as some of the projects they’ve done with Nimble. This week we have the pleasure of sharing with you an… Read More

Nimble Impressions was honored to be a nominee of the 2018 Association for Corporate Growth-Minnesota BOLD Awards yesterday. The awards celebrate BOLD and daring strategies to grow Minnesota and the leaders and teams that made them happen. Nominees, finalists and winners are recognized for imagination, innovation and extraordinary efforts to make Minnesota flourish. To learn more about… Read More