2018 Nimble For Good Initiative
With Earth Day coming up this Sunday, we felt it appropriate to share our new Nimble For Good beneficiary, Pollinator Friendly Alliance (PFA). Pollinators are very important to the health of our planet and it’s no secret they need our help. PFA is a local organization that protects pollinators (such as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds) through habitat restoration, education and awareness, civic stewardship, pesticide reduction and advocacy.

Through working with Nimble, you are contributing to this dynamic grassroots cause. PFA is geographically positioned near the St. Croix River Valley to create a Monarch corridor along the central flyway which would also benefit migrating birds, protect clean water, land and ecosystems. Just $100 restores 1/2 acre of habitat and a portion of your promotional product investment will go towards this initiative. We’re hoping to make a big difference.

Here are five simple ways you can help pollinators thrive:

1. Stop using pesticides and buy pesticide-free plants.
2. Leave an undisturbed area in your yard with some bare soil, 70% of native bees live in the soil.
3. Leave gardens intact until late spring and provide nesting areas such as brush, wood or leaf piles.
4. Be a volunteer or sponsor with Pollinator Friendly Alliance.
5. Stop by our office and pick up a bee house, a Bee Bomb seed ball and some milkweed seed packets to take home!