Happy Holidays!

Nimble is thriving and you are part of our success story.  Thank You. For 11 years we have been marching to the beat of our own drum.  We have the deepest level of gratitude for every client and every supporter. The holiday season always brings into sharp relief how grateful we are.

It’s a bit cliché to say these days, but what a crazy past two years is has been.  Something I think about daily is “how do we let our clients know we appreciate their business?”.  We aren’t the type of business that calls consistently to ask if you have any work for us.  We also don’t call much to just shoot the breeze.  Fact is, as a “boutique sized” agency we are blazing every day to complete the work being asked of us.  It is tremendously fulfilling, but also doesn’t leave much time for casual interactions… especially in recent years.

The sustained Covid situation has put us in a fairly “serious” mode.  I guess this is our way of combating the uncertainly we know exists in the marketplace.  When the first few months after Covid hit and caused industries to virtually grind to a halt, it scared us.   In a humbling way, it reminds us that there are no guarantees in business (or life).  Although many businesses like ours have recovered nicely, the sting of that experience still remains.

So, despite our head-down and work hard approach, I simply cannot express enough our thanks for your connection.  We look forward to more predictable times and casual interactions ahead.  On behalf of me and our amazing staff we wish you peace, comfort and good health this holiday season.  All the best to you and yours in the new year!