FMO – Fractional Marketing Officer

A Fractional Marketing Officer (FMO) is an off-payroll marketing executive responsible for a customized task list.  This person may augment an existing marketing team or be the sole marketing representative for a company.  Either way, they are an important person for the company in a part-time or contractor capacity.

Many organizations pine to have qualified C-Level marketing executives on their teams, but are unable to commit full-time resources to them.  This is where the FMO comes in.  Our FMO officer is experienced in an impressive array of marketing channels and tactics.  When added to a company, it can be assured that unmet needs will start to be filled.

Service Highlights

—    Quarterly Meetings In Person    —

—    Strategic Marketing Plan    —

—    Goal Setting / Goal Achieving    —

ROI (Return On Investment)

This service has a huge “strategic” component.  Exceptional strategic planning often paves the way for success.  Inevitably some aspects are not easy to peg ROI to.

However, our FMO services strives to prove ROI.  Beyond all the tactics and goal setting, we establish serious intent to show dollars saved or new dollars earned.  We want to do this to a degree that is equal to or greater than your investment.


Base cost/package is $5000/year

** Each business relationship is customized, but at the base level this equates to about 40 hours of our FMO’s time being utilized for your business (10hrs/quarter) **


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Primary FMO – Alan Haskins:

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Check out our video that covers the main details of the service.  Alan Haskins, Owner and Creative Director of Nimble Impressions is our primary FMO.

Fractional Marketing Officer - FMO / CMO

Areas Addressed:

Marketing Plan    –    Goal Setting    –    Budgeting    –    KPI’s    –    SWOT Analysis    –    Traction Principals   –    Strategies    –    SEO Review & Planning    –    Tactics    –    Education    –    Accountability    –    Website Review    –    Benchmarking    –    Acquisition & Merger Planning    –    Market Position Analysis    –    Target Market    –    Competitive Analysis    –    Goal Achieving    –    Key Differentiators    –    Promotions    –    Metrics    –    Data Analysis    –    Google Analytics    –    Unique Selling Proposition    –    Marketing Channels    –    Networking Plans    –    Tradeshow Planning    –    Conference Planning    –    Internal Marketing    –    Community Engagement


Get Stuff Done “GSD”

There’s no shortage of people who can point out problems.  What’s needed are people who can identify a need and then Get **** Done “GSD”.  What does a fractional marketing officer do?  An FMO or fractional CMO is experienced in looking at areas to address (see list above), clearly analyzing the need, developing a solution or goals, and creating accountability around solutions. An FMO does not need to be the smartest person in the room, but needs to be one of the best at solutions.  An FMO carries the accolades and scars of experience into everything they do, and can create plans from a carefully curated tool box.  However, in many cases an important resource is the network of external resources curated such as contractors, specialists, or agencies.  Our FMO’s are marketing experts, but that doesn’t mean they know everything!

No Fear

Fractional executives are nothing new… you have nothing to fear in them.  The main concern haunting most companies is the fear of not reaching potential or not knowing what is being missed.

Fractional CFO’s (Chief Financial Offers) were the front runners in the fractional biz.  Fractional CFO’s and their clients have the luxury of pretty clear job duties and task lists.  FMO’s or marketing executives in general constantly battle the topic of ROI.  Theoretical knowledge and experience are great, but proving worth is a reality every marketing agent must grow a comfort with.

A Perfect Fit

We don’t have typical clients, we have clients with typical characteristics.  Our clients may need us added to their existing team that is responsible for marketing or sometimes we are the only marketing leadership in an organization.  The common characteristics of clients who need an FMO are ones missing deadlines, missing growth targets, in need of direction, lacking critical knowledge, budget conscious, losing market share, overwhelmed by too many options, and facing other challenges.  However, we’re also an asset for companies looking maintain goals and reach higher heights.  It’s different reason for everyone, but at the end of the day we’re looking to make a perfect fit.

The Race & Finish Line

We are finish line hungry.  Unfortunately, many marketing agents are content with just running the race every day and seeing the finish line off in the distance. It’s rare that the race is truly won and over, but we are about results!  For this reason, we make a serious point to set goals and achieve them.  We embrace accountability!

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