Almost SOLD OUT!

Nimble has been very busy since the economy perked up earlier this year.

We’ve kept our “passion projects” going as well.  The Love Minnesota Box subscription/gift concept has been a standout amongst them recently.  We partnered with Stephanie Hansen (local podcaster/brand amplifier/social commentator) to create a Limited Edition Makers of MN inspired box.

We made 400 boxes and we are almost SOLD OUT.  It’s incredible, as most orders came during pre-sales.  We rushed to get this blast out to our audience so they can grab the remaining balance.

Get yours by CLICKING HERE or this link:

It’s all part of a broader plan to establish a family of box concepts within a parent company we created called Elevated Boxes LLC.

Our hopes in doing all of this is to:

  1. Deepen our connection to the MN business community
  2. Establish a playground for us to express some of our creativity
  3. Diversify our activities and represent new industries

This new concept is paired with our other MN themed box called The Uff Da Box.

We welcome you to consider:

  • Signing up for a subscription or purchasing a box
  • Making a product suggestion to be included in the box
  • Playing in the sandbox with us

Any questions or feedback please let us know.  

Have a wonderful day!