Fractional Marketing Officer – FMO  What is an FMO?  An FMO is an off-payroll marketing executive responsible for a customized task list. They are also called Fractional CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers). Who Needs One? Any business without a CMO, or any company that doesn’t have it totally figured out. Why have one? Because CMO’s come with a hefty price tag, and… Read More

ADA Website Compliance The need to make your website ADA compliant is very real. The consequences of non-compliance are growing rapidly. If you want to become educated, reduce the risk of law suit*, or become compliant you need to take time to understand the details. The good news… Nimble can help no matter your perspective or… Read More

What if… A random person asked Nimble, “Without telling you anything about who I am or my business details, I’d like a broad recommendation on how I should spend $10,000 to market my business”.… Read More

The Outdoor Retailer show in Denver CO is the world’s largest gathering of outdoor brands. Republic of Durable Goods, a Minnesota-based outdoor products company chose this venue to reveal its new hammock design. It has been fun to watch the launch of their first product on Kickstarter – the Mock ONE: Compact Folding Hammock.  Nimble was proud to provide the trade… Read More