ADA Website Compliance

  1. The need to make your website ADA compliant is very real.
  2. The consequences of non-compliance are growing rapidly.
  3. If you want to become educated, reduce the risk of law suit*, or become compliant you need to take time to understand the details.

The good news… Nimble can help no matter your perspective or goals.

Brief Overview:

  • Website Compliance for websites is now a fast moving train on the tracks.  It’s been on the horizon for a while, but is very much in view now.
  • ADA rules say… Any public space needs to be fully accessible to those with disabilities.  Advocates and lawyers are winning the battle in defining websites being places of public space.
  • Is your website out of compliance?  At some level and at any given time… yes, to some degree*.  How to comply is the biggest challenge right now.  Website compliance rules define 3 tiers of compliance.  Tier AAA (the hardest level) is nearly impossible to achieve.  Tier AA is the “reasonable” standard.  Making your site Tier AA compliant is achievable.
  • Why do it?  Frankly, if you can look past all the compliance and legal mumbo jumbo, it’s the right thing to do.  If you consider even for a few seconds how dependent the world is upon websites, understanding how potentially frustrating the web is for those with disabilities should be easy.  The problem is that most don’t understand.
  • Is there a real legal threat to your business?  Possibly*.  The degree of exposure is industry dependent and unique to each website.  The only way to know is to do an audit.  Companies have been getting sued for a while with mixed results.   The major change lately is that influential suits are being won.

We’ve taken impressive steps to understand this topic at a very deep level.  Our understanding of this topic is a BENEFIT TO YOU.

  • There are a variety of means by which to be compliant.  Depending on the desire to comply or the risk exposure, a custom approach can be taken.

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  • More insights on this topic
    • In January, 2018, the new ADA regulations for web accessibility went into effect. It’s almost impossible to be 100% compliant; however, there are steps that they can take to ensure websites are accessible to those with disabilities.
    • It’s important to begin taking steps to make your site ADA compliant. Also remember that making your site ADA compliant is not a one-time fix. Your website is a living thing, and this will need to be part of its ongoing maintenance.
* The information shared in this blog does not constitute legal advice.  This email is educational material.  You should consult a legal professional to fully assess your legal exposure related to this subject matter.  Nimble Impressions LLC is not liable for any ADA Website Compliance legal matter you may encounter regardless of the education, solution(s), or service(s) we may provide to you.