What if…
  • A random person asked Nimble, “Without telling you anything about who I am or my business details, I’d like a broad recommendation on how I should spend $10,000 to market my business”.

Nimble would say…
  1. $1500 – Strategy:
    1. Planning session about your business (Discuss Challenges and Opportunities).  We’d do homework on the business, report back findings.  We would discuss the possible ROI of the remaining $10K and look beyond those funds.
  2. $5000 – Website:
    1. User Experience Analysis:  Alter website according to findings
    2. Content Review and Alterations:  Design for SEO
    3. Competition Analysis:  Alter website according to findings
    4. Data:  Review and understand
  3. $3500 – Video:
    1. Create a “Hallmark / Catch-All” video for your business.  People don’t want to read anymore.  A 90 second video on how great your company is and what makes your company unique is tremendously powerful.
In the current marketplace it is hard for many businesses to decide on how to spend marketing dollars.  The allure of digital/web/social based marketing is very strong, and it is the most exciting marketing segment.  However, many decision makers are still skeptical on the ROI.

Those with deep pockets can afford the learning curve and often come out on top.  The majority of companies with modest budgets appear to either be in a state of paralysis (lacking the confidence or knowledge to act) or are “Paying & Praying” out of fear of being left behind.  A modest segment of the middle market seems to be confidently chipping away their marketing initiatives.

We know you could spend $10K many ways.  We just thought you might be curious to know how we might respond to a WWND (What Would Nimble Do) question like this.