Our Gold American Advertising Award (translation: top-of-the-podium!) is nothing to downplay. In fact, it speaks volumes about the type of creative work you’ll get when you work with our team. Read on to learn about how our award-winning writing and design can turn heads for your business.

With the marketing-minded team from Agency 128 now a part of Nimble, we’ve got even more to offer, like strategic marketing plans and customized creative.

So how exactly does this agency advantage work?

Well, it starts with getting to know a client and their goals. From there, our marketing strategists make strategic recommendations, which are then handed over to our creative team of art directors, graphic designers, and writers. Together, we work toward achieving functional solutions that have a unique yet consistent approach.

For example, in 2017, Agency 128 was asked to develop a creative theme for Central Minnesota’s American Advertising Awards—which is no small feat, considering its wide draw of student and professional creatives.

With this big challenge whole-heartedly accepted, we carefully considered the audience and ended up with a fun theme that we dubbed The AdScouts.

Once approved by the board, we began applying the look consistently to a wide variety of deliverables—printed invitations, teasers, posters, postcards, winner’s book, website, digital ads and social media graphics, event signage, and even an embroidered badge. All of this was accomplished on a tight timeline with no detail sacrificed.

This is exactly what we love to do for our clients. And as the icing on the cake, this successful campaign happened to win a gold medal at this year’s award show. But, that’s just an added bonus.

To learn more about our marketing, planning, and creative services, please reach out—we’d love to get to know you better