Google made big changes in how they show search results based on companies mobile websites. If your mobile site functions more like the phone on the left, you could be in for a big decline in business. DON’T LET THE GOOGLE SEARCH UPDATE HURT YOUR BUSINESS.  Our website experts are here to help you analyze and correct any issues with your… Read More

MINNESOTA LAWN & PROPERTY CARE Remind your customers it’s time to think about their outdoor care with custom branded products. Nimble Impressions is here to help your property maintenance company stand out among the weeds this spring. Nimble Impressions is a local branding and marketing company that has extensive knowledge of your industry and offers the very best to support… Read More

              WE’VE SAMPLED YOUR BEER. NOW GIVE US A SHOT.Nimble Impressions is a local marketing and custom imprint company. We are based in Minneapolis and specialize in helping the Minnesota breweries promote their brands.We understand your business and have analyzed all the options for promoting and branding your beer, brewery… Read More

As marketers we need to find entertaining ways to quickly express ‘What we do, what we offer, and how we are different’ The BEST way to do that is through video! Check out our latest brand video and learn a bit more about Nimble. Are you looking for a creative & exciting way to tell your story? Let… Read More

IT’S TRADESHOW & EVENT SEASON! Is your graphic display helping you recoup your event investment? Tradeshows and large scale promotional events are a great opportunity to get your brand and business in front of hundreds of potential customers. Major retailers and brands are spending tens of thousands on event sponsorships and booths. As a small to mid-sized… Read More

Say, “I LOVE YOU” to your customers, even if you don’t use those words. Doing so may turn a potential one-time customer into your very own brand evangelist. Nimble Impressions can help you create the following loyal customer marketing tools:  Social Media Listening: Find the customers that have mentioned your brand online and speak specifically to them.… Read More

The coming weeks are the slowest traffic period of the year for many industries, making every customer touchpoint that much more important.  Nimble is often asked, “How can I maximize every opportunity during a time when I know our traffic will be down?” Here are a few tips to make the most of the coldest weeks of the year and gear up for… Read More