The coming weeks are the slowest traffic period of the year for many industries, making every customer touchpoint that much more important. 

Nimble is often asked, “How can I maximize every opportunity during a time when I know our traffic will be down?”

Here are a few tips to make the most of the coldest weeks of the year and gear up for the busy periods: 

  • Add hang tags to products for increased content and value while customers casually browse
  • Use high contrast, full color floor graphics to highlight new offerings and current promotions
  • For non-retail businesses, offer an open house to highlight what makes your business unique, show your value proposition, and get face-to-face with clients
  • Offer a mystery discount promotion. Create business cards with scratch off areas that hide a variety of discounts
  • Host an industry expert night. Invite clients to listen to a short presentation about your industries tips, trends, or how-to’s.
  • Create a social media photo contest, most likes & shares on customers photos wins a prize.
  • Offer customers ‘refer a friend’ promotions or purchase add ons.

For help heating up your January sales contact the Nimble Impressions marketing team today at or (651) 447-4071