Business cards are an essential component to all industries. Cards can be utilized in hundreds of different ways and are one of the quickest and cost effective ways to share your contact information in person.  

Business cards can also be a total pain to manage!

They can become a cumbersome task for any business when there are multiple versions, multiple locations, lots of staff members, and consistent staffing changes. 

Nimble Impressions has a centralized and simplified business card automation solution. Our business card portal allows you to have custom templates online with text entry fields for personal information.

Our system takes away the need for multiple art files and a designer manipulating them. Your staff members are able to login to your card site, enter their contact information into the desired template and click order. The cards are then instantly sent to print! The system even saves all your location addresses and phone numbers in easy to use drop down menus.

Cut down the time and money your business spends managing business cards, allow Nimble Impressions to automate your process today!

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