When a company is very small it can make sense to handle some of the marketing independently. You can handle writing a social media post, your word of mouth referrals sustains you, and a few pieces of collateral are easy to manage.

However, between being a “small company” and a “big one”, there is a sweet spot where injecting a marketing partner makes sense.  How do you know if you are in this sweet spot, and what to supplement? 

Think about how much time you are spending on marketing. Could you be spending time on other aspects of your business where your skills are better aligned?   Being able to spend time focusing on essential business operations allows you to identify areas of growth, and refine how your business will improve.

Are you focusing on small details rather than high level plans? A relationship with a marketing agency allows you to define high level and long term goals, without having to worry about the details along the way.

Currently looking to hire marketing staff?  Sure it’s the right timing, or it’s really the right move?  For the minutes realized, your dollar goes farther when you outsource certain marketing expertise.  There’s no shame in it.  We’re not in it for the glory.  Helping to create better brands, higher sales, customer retention, and many other reasons are why we are in the business.

If you are currently in the sweet spot and your marketing is in need of a jump start, contact Nimble Impressions today at: or (651) 447-4071