Say, “I LOVE YOU” to your customers, even if you don’t use those words. Doing so may turn a potential one-time customer into your very own brand evangelist.

Nimble Impressions can help you create the following loyal customer marketing tools: 

  • Social Media Listening: Find the customers that have mentioned your brand online and speak specifically to them. Entice them back with custom offers, all the while creating more social chatter.
  • Leverage The Little Things: Create a branded Thank You card. Have your associates send a handwritten note when a new customer makes a sizable first purchase.
  • Maintain Constant E-Communication: Build an email schedule that personally engages your customers during each phase of their purchase. A message to a customer immediately following a conversion should be different than those to customers that haven’t purchased in weeks.
  • Treat Your Customers Like Real People: Ask for their feedback & respond to their insights – either online, in-store or through direct mail.
  • Loyalty Cards & Points: Build a customer portal that allows your customers to track their spending and offers different levels of promotional rewards. The incentives will increase purchase frequency and volume. The loyalty card in your customers wallets is your business’ very own mini traveling billboard.

Let Nimble help you increase your loyal customers base!
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