Promotional Product Popularity

This graph is based on a 2016 study done by Advertising Specialty Institute in which US consumers were asked which promotional products they currently owned. T-shirts are the item that is most often owned by promotional product recipients in the US, followed by drinkware, writing instruments, bags and outerwear.

Top 3 Reasons Promotional Products Work

Eight in ten consumers own between one and ten promotional products and 53% of those people use them at least once a week. The companies with their logos on those products are killing it in brand awareness. Here’s a breakdown of the top three reasons why investing in promo works.

1. Vast Selection
Although shirts and pens are most common, your options are limitless. From fidget spinners to air vent phone holder mounts to BBQ cooler sets to 2-in-1 flashlight phone chargers (yes, that’s a thing)… you can print your logo on pretty much anything that isn’t alive. This makes it easy to cater to whatever your target audience may find appealing.

2. Product Longevity
58% of consumers keep a promotional product from one to four years. That’s a long time to keep your brand in front of them. More impressions = elevated brand recognition = increased sales = more customers. All good things.

3. Lucrative ROI
Everybody cares about this one. While some may think it’s hard to measure ROI in this case, we can all agree that promotional products provide mass outreach at a low cost. They offer an incredibly low cost-per-impression while having a lasting impact.