We are excited to tell you about the Rally WBA story.  After the sad reality that the Covid-19 impact was showing no sign of easing in April of 2020, we felt compelled to help our local business community.   We turned our frustration into action after feeling the continued pain of a weak economic environment.  With only an invisible virus to blame, we knew we needed an outlet for our pent up desire to do marketing.


Nimble is proudly located in White Bear Lake (WBL) Minnesota.  Like most towns across the United States, WBL was not immune to the toxic effects of C-19.  Businesses were closed under executive order, consumers were wary to venture back into opening businesses, and the economic climate was murky.  Along with other businesses, we strived for something to breathe a little extra life into our business.


Like the Hope T-Shirt Project we created in the first two months of the pandemic, we set out to establish objectives for our next project.  We sought to achieve these goals:

  1. Create community engagement
  2. Low/no cost for all involved to participate
  3. Safe spark economic activity
  4. Make it something fun


A main aspect of the concept was to inspire consumers to begin visiting businesses in person again (safely).  As a company that does printing along with other marketing mediums, we conceived of a game card.  Although the game would incorporate a healthy amount of digital elements, using traditional printing methods was a key integration.  The game cards main function was to contain a unique winning number.


Of course the concept needed a name/brand.  We brainstormed short and memorable words that could most accurately define what we were doing.  Fundamental to the concept was our desire to get people motivated to do something they were not otherwise doing.  To us that meant we were trying to “rally people up”.  We enthusiastically glommed onto the Rally WBA name and continued to surge forward.  Note, we needed to call it WBA for White Bear Area because the range of the game covered the entire Chamber area of 11 cities, including White Bear Lake.


Before fully committing to the project, we needed to make sure the word could get out to local businesses to participate.  Our immediate thoughts turned to including the White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce.  Since Nimble did not want to make any money from this effort we felt that getting support would be a bit easier spread the news.  The Chamber loved the idea and immediately endorsed it.  With that endorsement came their ability to promote the game.  They slated announcements and posts and we kicked the planning in high gear.


In a nutshell, we were hoping for these things to happen:

  • Businesses would participate by distributing cards to consumers that purchased products/services from them.
  • Participating businesses were required to donate at least one $10 prize (gift card or product).
  • Participating businesses would spread the word about the game via their social media channels.  We provided them social icons, game rules, and other details to make it easy for them to get social.
  • Consumers would be compelled to venture out to businesses with the extra incentive of winning gift cards and prizes
  • Consumers would get social about it on Facebook.  They would like/follow the Rally WBA Facebook page and also do that on client pages.
  • Consumers would have fun engaging with a LIVE Facebook drawing.  This would include commenting during the event, etc.


We sent out game details for the businesses to learn about it and were able to get about 50 locations to join the rally.  It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm businesses had to try something new to inspire action.  Many locations saw the authentic inspiration of the rally effort and made snap decisions to get involved.  Over the course of the event we gathered about $2000.00 in gift cards and prizes.


Over the course of 4 weeks we…

  • Gave away over $2000.00 in gift cards and prizes.
  • Reached thousands via the custom website and Facebook
  • Introduced new customers to participating businesses
  • Partnered with other local businesses
  • Tested some fun digital interaction technology


Since Covid-19 has not ended, neither has the rally.  There may be more games in the future depending on how long the C-19 impact lasts.  It was an honor to make this effort.