Nimble_Postage Increase

The US Postal Service announced earlier this year that effective May 31st postal rates would increase.

Below is a snapshot of the most commonly used forms of postage and their updated rates.

Nimble_Postage Increase_Chart


Despite postage and direct mail trends, we believe snail mail has a purpose.  Targeted campaigns still render beneficial results.   

Here are our top 5 tips to a successful direct mail campaign: 

  1. Know Your Audience: Do your homework, evaluate the timing of the message, and craft your message around the recipient.  Don’t just pray it’s going to be effective,
  2. Use Big Data: We have access to hundreds of data points on all consumers. The key is unlocking the data, and we can help with that.
  3. Make It Memorable: We have utilized a variety of printing and design techniques to help mail stand out in the crowd. There are tools that can be used for every budget to make a piece stand out.
  4. Include A Clear Call To Action: Tell your customer exactly what to do – call, click, visit, save, spend, learn.  Details can be explained once attention is grabbed.
  5. Follow-Up: Key to any marketing campaign! Follow up your direct mail an email, or a targeted social media post.  Be sure you follow up with another touch point.

To view the complete chart of postage rate changes click here. 

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