Plastic Bag Ban


Summer is just around the corner and with it brings BBQ’s, boating, Frisbee golf… and a controversial ordinance that will ban Minneapolis retailers from bagging their goods in plastic.

Minnesota is riding the wave of states around the country that are passing, contemplating, and opposing plastic bag legislation. The ban passed on a 10-3 vote last March under the prospect of changing consumers’ habits in order to get the city closer to its zero-waste goals and environmental improvement. Opposers of the ban say it will not make any significant impact, will be too expensive for businesses, and could be a struggle to enforce. Some stores that will supplement with paper bags could charge their customers a small fee per bag.

Regardless of which side of the issue you fall on the reality of the situation is that Minneapolis needs to respond to the change. Alternative methods for people to conveniently carry their new belongings are going to be sought – most likely reusable tote bags. Regardless of which niche your business falls in line with, it would be smart marketing to make sure your logo is on them.

Nimble Impressions is ready to support the community as this initiative is moved into place. We have the resources to supply Minnesota with quality, personalized, reusable bags that are within requirements. “When we see problems we look for solutions with our customers in mind. This is an opportunity for our customers to look beyond the legislation, and take moment to contemplate ways to benefit from it,” said Alan Haskins, owner of Nimble.

So far, Minneapolis is the only Minnesota city to pass a plastic bag ban ORDINANCE to date. Environmental activists hope to convince other cities to follow suit, while lobbyists ramp up efforts to close the draw strings on it. Consumers and businesses should find some commonality with this topic and the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act. In 2007 it was enacted despite support and opposition. As marketers we need to look beyond the noise and see branding solutions.

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