Nimble for Good is the philanthropic arm of Nimble Impressions. We are graced by amazing customers and consequently the organization is healthy and strong. We believe in the notion that “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected.”
In that spirit we developed this formal initiative to give back and display our dedication to “doing good.”


1. We ask that you rally around our efforts. We look forward to shared experiences, words of encouragement and any support that you offer.

2. Help us spread the word about our initiative.



Rally WBA

Impacted like many other businesses, Nimble saw a serious need to “rally” at this key time of the Covid-19 experience.  As a marketing and creative agency this was a way to contribute and create a spark.  Nimble reached out to the White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce, and their enthusiasm and support was essential to making this happen.

Hope T-Shirt Project

This is all about helping those most affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.  The proceeds of the T-Shirts will help those in need, mainly those suffering with limited food.  Additionally, the T-Shirts should be a visual reminder to us and others that hope is paramountly critical during this time.  We hope the use of our creative talents will benefit others!

Pollinator Friendly Alliance

Pollinators need our help. There is increasing evidence that many pollinators are in decline. Globally, about 1,000 of the plants we depend on for food and products need to be pollinated by bees and butterflies, so we are greatly affected by their plight. PFA is geographically positioned near the St. Croix River Valley to create a Monarch corridor along the central flyway, which would also benefit migrating birds, protect clean water, land and ecosystems. Just $100 restores 1/2 acre of habitat.