A long-time client shared they were starting a new skincare business and asked if Nimble would get involved on the ground floor. The project was ideal for us, since we love to get involved with both high-level strategic work and day-today deliverables. Our partnership with SoChok Skinlove started by working through the strategic language elements about the brand itself. Brand explanations are important for an overall business direction, determining a target audience, and developing cohesiveness with a company. We learned that SoChok Skinlove is a “clean” skincare company focused on cultivating healthy SkinLOVE habits from a young age and beyond. While the focus is ages five plus, tweens and teens, the products are ideal for all ages.

Logo Design

Once we had a thorough understanding of the brand aspirations, design suggestions, product highlights, competitive analysis, applications, budget and other essential details in-hand, the logo design process began. Many options were explored to ensure there would be no looking back to wonder what could have been. Time and careful consideration was taken between Nimble and Client to refine the SoChok logo and core design elements. Experience developing and nurturing brands for over a decade creates efficient results.

Supporting Graphics

Logically, the logo is only the beginning of the creative process. A handful of essential supporting graphics were established and then built upon. In an ever-growing digital world, the needs list grows quickly past business cards, flyers, product tags, thank you cards and packaging and moves to thoughtfully created digital files for use in numerous applications. The need for engaging graphics of all sizes and shapes in a website can make all the difference in an ideal user experience. Partnering with a full-service firm like Nimble means a fully integrated plan.


Packaging design is one of our favorite parts of brand development! Few projects are as gratifying as seeing tedious attention to detail and refinement in a digital file come to life in physical form. There’s something very cathartic in having weeks or months of brand development produced in real life. This was part of the experience for SoChok. Understanding trends and graphic design fundamentals is key to producing eye-catching results. The Nimble team of designers are talented and well-seasoned for any project – especially this one!

Website Development

Arguably one of the most essential features of any business is the website. Thankfully, when SoChok considered a partner for developing their website, Nimble was able to apply expert technical insight from work on many site platforms. Quality website design is the product of many considerations. Design, development, user experience analysis, SEO, content development, calls to action, and e-commerce just scratch the surface. The client made a wise choice to go with the Shopify platform. There was a nice balance of template utilization and some technical application integration. We encourage you to take it for a test drive!

Photo Retouching and Print Materials

Carefully curated and integrated images are core to the success of any high-visibility brand. The ability for an image to connect text and ideas for a customer is essential in any buying scenario. SoChok benefited from a balance of original and stock photography. Naturally, all product images were original, but we integrated both computer generated images and live photos into SoChok’s collection of images. There is certainly a craft to making original images and photography look stunning. The products, packaging and people are an impressive compilation for a great user experience.