We Believe In You!
A spending freeze doesn’t need to mean a progress freeze. 

We’re still fully open, but we have available manpower.

We’re betting on your business!

Let’s bridge the gap between the need to halt spending on marketing and making the most of available time.  We are willing to defer payments on work completed over the next few months.  We’re betting on things returning back to “normal”.

In business right now, there is no better risk to take!

Qualifying Service Examples…

  • Website work
  • Writing content for almost any purpose
  • Understanding data.  Conference calls or screen share meetings to understand tools like Google Analytics
  • Social media support
  • Email marketing
  • Pay Per Click management
  • Other creative services

In normal times the chief barrier to progress is “We don’t have the time”.  Collectively we probably have the time now, so if you’re pretty confident you’ll eventually have the money, let’s get the long overdue work done.

Additionally, it’s no secret that the most prepared amongst us during this time of upheaval will emerge on top.  Strategizing and coming up with BOLD initiatives ready to be deployed when the time is right may make all the difference.

Contact us today to explore a flexible strategy.
(952) 452-9018 or info@nimbleimpressions.com

** We sell hand sanitizer.  It is available.  If interested please let us know **