Nimble for Good is the philanthropic arm of Nimble Impressions. We are graced by amazing customers and consequently the organization is healthy and strong. We believe in the notion that “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected.”
In that spirit we developed this formal initiative to give back and display our dedication to “doing good.”


1. We ask that you rally around our efforts. We look forward to shared experiences, words of encouragement and any support that you offer.

2. Help us spread the word about our 1% for NOLS initiative.




Beyond our daily efforts to give back to amazing non-profits, we also provide our clients a way to contribute via working with us. When you purchase promotional products through Nimble, 1% is donated to a worthy cause. It adds up quick and every little bit helps. Promo items are a simple element of our business to connect this initiative to. Prices for these products are relatively straight forward, and it is easy for inspired customers to quantify. NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) is currently the beneficiary of this program. The NOLS mission is to be the leading source and teacher of wilderness skills and leadership that serve people and the environment. They are a non-profit near and dear to our company, we encourage you to learn more about them.


Our goal in creating Nimble for Good is to sell competitively priced promotional products to inspired buyers. There are four critical details to this program. 1. Percentage Donated: The program is designed to provide a percentage of sales (1% at the time this information was developed) from promotional products to charity (NOLS at the time this information was developed). Nimble aspires to donate more than 1% over time, but we are starting with that percentage. Nimble will distribute funds to the charity of choice at a minimum of once per year. 2. Price Matching: We match competitors normal pricing. We don’t want to match close-outs, low-cost leaders, unsafe, unethical, or products where people are just looking for something for nothing. In order for this program to work, and return dollars to charity it needs to operate under normal business conditions. If you request that we price match an item that meets one of the type of examples listed above we reserve the right to refuse the order. Items that are close-outs from one company are often close-outs industry wide, so we can often satisfy those type of requests. NOT all similar type of products are equal in quality. We commit to matching pricing on like items of same or very near similar quality. We may suggest a substitute if we cannot find an exact match from a competitor. 3. We do not discriminate against any type of company, or racial/ethnic/ gender group. 4. Initial orders require prepayment. Credit Card or check payments are reasonable forms of payment. We must tender full deposit or determine availability of funds prior to initiating production.



We believe positive, ethical leaders change the world. Based on this belief, NOLS has become the leader in wilderness education. Founded in 1965 by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, NOLS takes students of all ages on remote wilderness expeditions and teaches them technical outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics.